Make the switch to Astronaut EHR, the benefits are endless...

Experience the difference that isn't skin deep. Astronaut has depth, is enterprise-grade, fast, reliable, easy to use. Productivity and quality is greatly improved. Take the busy work out of medicine so that you can focus on patient care.


Increases revenue, increased productivity and efficiency.

Easy navigation/ Streamlined administrative tasks.

Minimizes administrative and clinical errors.


Thorough training included for small practices.

Comprehensive support services and live technical support.

Our trainers and tech support are trained and well versed in everything Astronaut EHR.


Efficient user interface packed with shortcuts, templates, Touch Note™, List Signaling™, Turbo Supervision™.

Drastically reduces charting time.

Efficient prescribing process.

Easy navigation and organization.

Improves medical quality.

Lowers physician burnout and protects from stress.


Proven, robust, advanced technology.

Cloud based system with easy to use dashboard.

Library of customizable templates.

Protects against HIPAA errors.

Increases efficiency in data entry.

Well-organized interface allows for easy identification of alerts and tools.


Information security.

What people say about Astronaut EHR

"I’ve used a lot of EHR’s in my career. Astronaut is the first EHR I have ever used that made me faster. I leave work and it is all done. I don’t have to chart again. Each appointment is done when they walk out of the room. I can’t tell you how fantastic that is. All of the other EHR’s I have used slowed me down. This one is amazing. It actually helps me see patients faster.”

Jennifer Lableu, NP

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We're ready to help you make the switch to a whole new Electronic Health Record. Astronaut EHR is enterprise-grade, fast, reliable, easy to use. We'd love to tell you more.