Astronaut, LLC CEO is now Board Certified in Clinical Informatics

Astronaut, LLC CEO Ignacio H Valdes, MD, MS, ABPN is surprised to find even more letters after his name. This time ABPM-CI which stands for American Board of Preventive Medicine — Clinical Informatics.

“I am living the alphabet dream. As if it wasn’t enough to be MD, MS, ABPN’ed I woke up one day to find ABPM-CI attached to my name. This is getting ridiculous.”

Dr. Valdes has a long career in Computer Science, Psychiatry, and in Electronic Health Records. Why the new degree? “They were offering it.” he says with a smile. “I wanted Astronaut, LLC customers to be reassured that at least someone else thinks that the leader of Astronaut, LLC is a medical nerd. Before, only I thought that I am a medical nerd.”

“And that we can serve Astronaut customers better.”

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