Astronaut Adds Telemed Support, More Powerful Supervision Tools

Astronaut has added new features to support telemedicine and more powerful practitioner supervision tools.

. We’ve added patient skype-id, phone number, and email recording at patient registration to support multiple patient care modalities from the start.  Registration for DNA psychiatry medication efficacy cheek-swab test requires patient phone number entry.
. Stay tuned for more support for Psychiatry DNA testing in the near future!
. One click copying the skype id to the clipboard for telemedicine sessions for easily finding and calling your telemedicine patients on skype. Worldwide search for THAT John Smith or Jane Doe no longer necessary.
. We have also tweaked the practitioner supervision tools to include fast verification of eRX refill! Medication Last Refill date now appears on Select Patient to verify medication approvals have been done. Simply arrow through the patient list to check that refill has been done or not done by a certain date. This is great for Nurse Practitioner supervision so that medication refills don’t get ‘stranded’.
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The new client is here:  BETA/astronaut_clients.BETA.15.11.06.exe/download

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