Astronaut CPRS 07.25.2016 Hiring, new features!

The Astronaut team has created this release (download here) which adds many new features for the clinical user and continues to make workflow speed gains. This release makes Astro-CPRS scheduling perform much better in clinical settings. It greatly improves accuracy checks/workflow completion for billing lists. It is no longer difficult to copy a patients medication list to the clip board or print. Finally, a few bug fixes such as Encounter form not opening under certain circumstances.
The Astronaut team has now released fixes or new features each month for the past 14 months. More to come.
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     . Can now print patient medication list from the meds tab.
     . Can now right click and copy medication list to the clipboard.
     . Added a * to the name of a patient that has been seen in clinic that day visible by the Select Patient–>Schedule option.
     . Fixes a bug with Encounter form not popping up under certain circumstances. This resulted in ‘missed’ patients on billing lists.
     . Clicking on a billing list from Tools–>Edit/Lists puts a subtle message in the dialog of how many patients are on the list. This allows quick, easy end of day aggregate number check for billing and workflow completion/reconciliation.
     . Appointment scheduling notes entered in Clinical Scheduling can now be read by the clinician in the sidebar of CPRS Select Patient dialog.
     . No longer laborious and difficult to copy or print the patients medication list.
     . See patients faster, with less confusion.
     . High volume patient days it was difficult to know if a patient had already been seen. No longer. Less confusion and fatigue on users.
     . Clinicians do not have to run the scheduling client to consume their schedule but see appointment scheduling Notes since CPRS indicates * which ones have been seen.
     . Easily and quickly see if workflows have been completed with Encounter dialog fully filled out and billing list populated with that patient.
     . CPRS users could not read appointment notes entered by the scheduler without opening the dedicated Clinical Scheduling app, greatly slowing down the clinician or not getting the message.

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