Breakout! Astronaut Turbo Supervision ™ 2.0

This is a ground-breaking release of Astronaut clinical client CPRS. It breaks CPRS out of its one window paradigm for the first time.  Displays are generally much larger now than when CPRS first began. Turbo Supervision ™ 2.0 takes advantage of larger displays. This release drastically reduces the amount of mouse clicking and user fatigue necessary for using CPRS, eRX and supervision of mid-level practitioners. It reduces location dialog box sit-ups in which the user must specify the location on on every patient seen in a session. The old location dialog box paradigm and workflow is still supported.
From the change log:
New features:
     . Turbo Supervision ™ 2.0! Very beta but features independent prescribing window that opens automatically when in patients chart. Can view and interact with CPRS and eRX independently.
     . Session location setting! Can set the location for an entire CPRS session.
     . Much less user fatigue and effort from context switching between eRX, note taking, note reading, and having to command and wait for eRX to open on a patient.
     . Much less user effort interacting with location dialog box multiple times specifying the same information repetitively during a session.

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