Astronaut Screenshots Advanced High Efficiency CPRS

Astronaut has circulated an advanced, high efficiency CPRS screenshot. Unprecedented in VistA history, this version of CPRS demonstrates how far the technology can go.
“We’ve pushed the technology further than it has ever been before. With it we’ve seen more patients more efficiently and more accurately than ever before.” says Astronaut, LLC CEO Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS

The screenshot shows:

. Two sessions open to allow for multi-chart multi-tasking (interruptions, un-scheduled patients, out of order patients, ‘pauses’ in network, etc.)
. Patient picture.
. Modeless eRX window allowing fast context switch between notes and eRX. Takes advantage of larger displays. Opens automatically on chart open to reduce keyboarding burden.
. Previous/Next chart controls for list iteration.
. Icon showing attachment present such as PDF, etc. Graphic embedding allowed.

Not shown efficiency improvements:
. Orchestrated GUI scheduling.
. Effortless billing lists.
. Rocket Note.
. GUI Admission/Discharge/Transfer.
. More.

The screenshot shows advanced CPRS productivity and efficiency features.

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