Independence Day! Astronaut VistA is now “Nothing to install, nothing to maintain”

Houston, Texas 07/04/2017

On this Independence Day Astronaut, LLC announces the next level of freedom for Astronaut VistA: Full virtualization. All applications run in a browser.

“Nothing to install, nothing to maintain. It just works. Our #1 rated application runs in any browser.” Says Astronaut, LLC CEO Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS. “Our users are free to focus on patient care. No software installation is necessary, upgrades just happen. Total freedom. No maintenance headaches on staff, greater security, higher reliability, and faster responsiveness. This takes Astronaut VistA to the next level for all users and IT support staff. Poor local internet? No problem. Peculiar local security block? Still works.”

Astro-CPRS now simply runs through any browser with HTML5 support. Just point at a URL and login to Astro-CPRS, VistA Clinical Scheduling or Vitals. Nothing local to install. Upgrades are handled by Astronaut seamlessly.

“Nothing to install, nothing to maintain.”

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Astronaut, LLC has many, many firsts in the VistA world including the first VistA in the cloud, the first automated VistA installer, and now the first fully virtualized, browser-based VistA application suite.

Figure: Astro-CPRS on an iPhone

Figure: VistA Clinical Scheduling virtualized running in a browser:

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